Infiniti Moves Close to Q60 Production

In January, Infiniti‘s Executive Design Director Alfonso Albaisa told reporters at the North American International Auto Show that the just-unveiled design of the Q60 is “about 90%” of what consumers can expect when the vehicle comes to market.

“Many of the things – the front view, the very strong shoulder, the sculpted artistry of the body – this is very close to the production,” Albaisa said.

The mid-sized vehicle fits more with the brand’s coupe line in terms of design giving drivers a sleek, sexy vehicle to be seen in.

“A car like this needs to look like you want to drive it and will respond to you. So, the rearview: We intentionally tapered all of the forms toward the middle to 20 feet behind the car. And then the rear fenders stick out like a cat’s rear legs, so really a sense that it is going to pounce,” said Albaisa. “We want to celebrate the person who drives it. They are very ambitious. They want to constantly improve. So, also we want the Infiniti to be a better you. Just simply, this kind of car looks rare – looks designed for you. It is a better you.”

Infiniti promises top-notch performance in the production model of the Q60. “There is a little bit of naughtiness, a little bit of, I would not say evil, but nefariousness in this car,” said Michael Bartsch, vice president, Infiniti Americas. “We are going to have some high-performance engines in this car. And you just need to look inside it and you know that this is being designed for a driver.”

What else will consumers get when they purchase a Q60? The next Infiniti hallmark vehicle. “Every manufacturer – all of the great brands – have a legacy vehicle. This is our legacy car. The car you see over my shoulder here, the new Q60, is the continuation of that legacy,” said Bartsch. “And, it is really important because it is going to be a brand halo and going to make a really strong statement about what Infiniti is, and where Infiniti is going to go in the future.”

Infiniti has not yet revealed a timeline for when the Q60 will move from a concept to full production vehicle.

image courtesy of Infiniti

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