Audi Tests Autonomous Driving on Streets, Race Tracks

Calling it “Piloted Driving,” Audi is using computer technology designed to imitate human thought and reactions to control vehicles.

Designed with the focus of piloting riders to their destinations as opposed to completely controlling the vehicle, Audi is refining the experience to give drivers and riders the feeling of true control over their automobile while evolving with emerging technical trends.

The manufacturer is achieving this with a system they continue to define called a “congestion pilot.” The system works by relieving the driver actually driving their Audi, “while the system automatically accelerates, brakes and steers the vehicle, at speeds up to about 37 mph. Once the traffic jam disperses or the end of the highway has been reached, the driver is prompted to take back control. If the driver fails to respond, the system safely brings the car to a standstill.”

Throughout 2014 Audi tested piloted driving by piloting vehicles on the streets of California, the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway in Tampa, Florida and on the Grand Prix track in Hockenheimring in Germany.

Audi continues to test and evolve piloted driving in 2015.

image courtesy of Audi


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